After Realm- our new new weekly webcomic for you!

The After Realm is a weekly web comic brought to you by yours truly and Taki Soma. It is based on a larger fantasy concept I started around 2013/2014.

The After Realm is about Oona, a young elf who wants to become a Ranger. This would help her in two ways: she can explore the ruins of the world left over from Ragnarok and this would hopefully lead her to reunite with her best friend. But unlike other Elves, she likes tricks, jokes and sometimes even lies. These are traits that will keep her from becoming a Ranger, but may also be the very things that help her save her people from a threat Oona has unknowingly freed!

 This is going to be a brand new living, breathing, organic experience for me. We'll be learning as we go: If we realize we don't like a page after it's been posted, we can tweak it. If I find an ad doesn't work, I can easily replace it.

Speaking of learning, I've never lettered before; a fact that's probably painfully obvious to my lettering friends.

But that's the part of the learning for me. It's just me and my wife, Taki Soma, figuring out everything from the web comic, to lettering, to creating a Patreon and creating a hosting site. Taki is also creating her own webcomic by the way; soon to be announced so stay tuned!

 This story will run for a little over a year. When it's done, I'll evaluate if the Patreon is creating enough income to justify it to continue. In my wildest dreams, I would love to continue working with DC comics, my creator-owned works with Brian Michael Bendis and Taki, and webcomics-to-print. It would be the best of all worlds! Wish me luck. Thanks for reading and coming along on this journey with us!

Thank you!


The After Realm:

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