About us

  • We are Soming, Inc. a corporation who offer a wide range of original art, prints, signed comics, etc. Mostly comprising of the artwork of Michael Avon Oeming who is known for a large body of work including Powers, Victories, Mice Templar, Avengers, United States of Murder, Inc., Sinergy and Thor to name a few. Oeming's career reaches not just in comics, but video games and television. Soming, Inc. does and will offer original art from other talents.
  • We offer mostly original art because, well, each piece is one-of-a-kind and you will not be able to purchase them anywhere else. Once that is in your hands, no one else in the world will have the same exact piece.
  • We are located in the Pacific Northwest, United States and oh man, it's pretty great here.
  • This store is managed mainly by Taki Soma.
  • And you can contact Taki at takisoma@gmail.com 
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