Blue Book, Project Monarch, Hellboy and more!

MORE BLUE BOOK IS COMING YOUR WAY! The first TPB collecting our first arc about Betty and Barney Hill is out now from Dark Horse. Ordering links to the right of page here.

Get the unredacted facts about our next story arc here:

PROJECT MONARCH GRAPHIC NOVEL IS OUT NOW! So this is a conspiracy satire I did with Victor Santos, it's fun, it's crazy and I hope you check it out. Links here on the right side of page for ordering:


So I've been playing this new Hellboy game and loving it. It's by an indie developer so keep that in mind as you play it- they real made his character and Mignola's art come to life. I did a little sketch after playing some:

OEMING PRINT STORE! Did you know I have a print store? Really great quality prints, come by and check it out, get a Powers or Blue Book print!

THIS WEBSITE AND YOU! So with social media becoming what it is, I'm going to really start using this website on the regular again. This and my newsletter. But you can sign up on the main page here, at the bottom to be updated for any posts. I'll see if I can figure out how to allow comments without getting spam:) I'll share more about my work in progress and not just promoting what is coming out. We also plan on expanding the art and create a new book store for signed books and sketches. 


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