Oeming Newsletter 10/17/23

Project Monarch is out this week from Dark Horse Comics. This is the long awaited conspiracy satire I've done with Victor Santos. It's just the two of us, writing and doing the art. 
Legendary film director Stanley Bowman has been indoctrinated into a Faustian deal that has ruined his life. He faked the moon landing, manipulated viral celebrity meltdowns, and filmed dozens of conspiracies to serve the goals of the Illuminati. But his loyalty gets called into question when he is forced to create an occult film so powerful the public will fall under complete control. Only his adopted child-star assassins can save him, his family, and expose the truth.
“Anytime one of my favorite comics creators in the entire world puts out new material it’s exciting, but this is extra-exciting because this is exactly the kind of book Mike Oeming was born to make. He and Victor are an amazing team, and this was an absolute delight to behold.”–Brian Michael Bendis

“The first six pages of this book hooked me faster and harder than any six pages in anything I’ve read in decades. Wow! Lizard people, conspiracy theories, indestructible assassins!?”—Matt Kindt

“Project Monarch is quite simply the most intricately beautiful book you will read this year. It’s a gorgeous, ingenious story that eats up the page like a ravenous beast. Take this journey. We so rarely get to explore like this. It’s a wonder.”–Gail Simone

You can order this from your LCS or any of these links from the DH site: https://www.darkhorse.com/Books/3009-235/Project-Monarch-TPB

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ALL six issues of the latest Murder Inc from Brian Bendis, Taki Soma and myself are out now. I think it's our best arc yet and it changes our crime world forever. Be sure to check it out along with the recordings I did documenting the six issue connecting covers:

The TPB for our first arc is out now from Dark Horse Comics!

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Powers Volumes 1-3 are now available from Dark Horse Comics with all new covers:


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