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The After Realm #2 Pre Orders and Kickstarter!

The After Realm #2 Pre Orders and Kickstarter!

So I did not want to have the second After Realm kickstarter and pre-orders for Retailers to overlap, but you know, pandemic and all. It just threw everything off. 
Anyway, I'm giving this week a big push for the Pre-Orders because retailers are hurting, and they need our help. Here is a link to pre-order from your LCS:

And here is a link for the Kickstater pre-launch page, so you won't miss the grand opening:

I really appreciate your support on this and any postings you can share on social media are greatly appreciated!


the ART OF MICHAEL AVON OEMING: No Plan B is here!!

I am very proud to announce my art book NO PLAN B: the Art of Michael Avon Oeming is out! You should always try your local comic shop first and it is available on Comixology or Amazon

The book covers my art and career from my teen years until now. Mostly unpublished art and rarely seen works here, so even a regular follower of my work will find new stuff here. I also talk a bit about my life and how it ties into my comics.

Brian Bendis wrote the intro, David Mack a beautiful afterword, and the interview...

My Game of Thrones fanboy art!

Here are some GOT pieces I've done, just for fun over the last two years or so. Really enjoying season 7 premier episode. I'll eventually post the originals for sale here. The HODOR art was inspired by a song by Kimya Dawson- watch it here, try not to cry:)


The Hound and Beric Dondarrion

Sometimes I need a break from a deadline to refresh myself- here is a quick drawing from S7 promos for Game of Thrones!