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Live Tweet Drawing session

This is from last year, drawing CAVE CARSON

The OEMING NEWSLETTER and a new Cave Carson cover

The OEMING NEWSLETTER and a new Cave Carson cover

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Also, check out this new Cave Carson cover! You can make it into dice! 



Recent Commissions

Recent Commissions

Here are some recent commissions I've done recently. My wife Taki Soma packages these up with love! Click here for more info:

Batman Superman sketching for Inktober

I really wasn't able to keep up with Inktober, in fact, the few I did, I didn't even scan:) But here is a Superman and Batman sketch I did get to.

Mice Templar sketch for Inktober

I haven't drawn these guys in a long time- here is an Archer! If you have not read Mice Templar or have not finished our little epic, please try your Local Comic Shop or below for online ordering