Cave Carson, Aleister & Adolf and more comics coming this fall

October and November are going to be big months for me- While I started Cave Carson earlier this year, Aleister & Adolf also come out this month, a graphic novel I drew last year in black and white. It is written by Douglas Rushkoff and it is about the evil and the evil men do... and spies! I got my comps in today, as well as Cave Carson which comes out October 19th.

Later this month, my Attack On Titan story also comes out and I'll be doing a signing at  Powell’s on

Robin Coffee sketch

Hey everybody! Hope your day is going well. Every morning, I load up on coffee and of course I'm often left a little shaky afterwards so I'll do a little drawing to work it out. Here is one of Robin. I'll eventually offer these semi-daily Coffee Sketches up for sale here, so stay tuned.



We are proud to present to you a store that hopefully will fill in that empty spot on your wall that is crying out for an original art to be hung - or a book you are dying to own or want to have signed to be displayed on your shelf or coffee table. 

We're going to try something here, hopefully making this a fun and faced paced store to keep your eyes on constantly.

We are going to post art for purchase, but only for a limited time.

There will be rotating inventory, if you don't grab 'em, you...