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A thanks to Allan Amato

In a previous post I wrote about the photography Allan Amato did with Taki Soma and I. Here is a quick thank you to Allan for the beautiful photos.


Photography with Allan Amato

Photography with Allan Amato

Friend and editor Scott Allie introduced Taki and I to visionary photographer Allan Amato. You've probably seen his photos, many of which include comics creators like pals David Mack, Gerard Way, Chuck Palahniuk, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Mahfood and many more. We met him here in Portland. It was a real honor, neither Taki or I get excited about taking photos, but this was art. Here are the results, along with some behind the scenes shots. Be sure to check out Alan's website  and his kickstarter for this new book SERAPH and follow him on Twitter Read the article →

Rapture- looking back on my first project with Taki Soma

Rapture- looking back on my first project with Taki Soma

When a break up is bad, it can feel like the end of the world. In the case of Rapture, it really sorta is! Taki and I worked on this comic almost like a dare- as we started our relationship together, we created this story about a break up, and while we went through some very tough times making this comic, including starting life over again with a coast to coast move, we made it through. We are still very proud of this fun, twisted apocalyptic love story, and we are hoping if you missed out on it, you'll give...

Inking Cave Carson panel 5/6/17

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Drawing live on Twitter test

Thought I would try this out. Just a few moments inking on twitter. I'll test this out a few more times to figure out the best set up so I can do this more often.