The Victories 570 page OMNIBUS is coming!

Dark Horse Comics has collected the entire Victories run and it will be available this August- Below is ordering information. Be sure to support your local comic shops!

The VICTORIES OMNIBUS over 570 pages is coming from @DarkHorseComics! Beginning as an exploration into my experiences with abuse, the story tumbles out into conspiracies of the mind and society into an epic struggle to define what it is to be human.

“Imagine a series with the media-savvy of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and the superhero self-knowledge of Alan Moore's Watchmen, but drawn with the tactile, mixed-media dimensionality of Bill Sienkiewicz's Stray Toasters, and you are halfway toward reckoning with Michael Oeming's narrative triumph. Victories revitalizes the form, not by experimenting with new post-modern pyrotechnics, but by celebrating and amplifying what makes panels on a page so uniquely powerful. Here's a state of the art, comic thriller from a world-class creator at the top of his game.”- Douglas Rushkoff




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