Mice Templar sketch for Inktober

I haven't drawn these guys in a long time- here is an Archer! If you have not read Mice Templar or have not finished our little epic, please try your Local Comic Shop or below for online ordering

Inktober sort of... Darkseid and Red Lines

I love all the inktober sketched out there. Wish I had more time to just sketch, but since I'm always working on more than one project at a time, it's hard to find a moment. But here are two, I hope to do more, sketching is one of my favorite things.

the ART OF MICHAEL AVON OEMING: No Plan B is here!!

I am very proud to announce my art book NO PLAN B: the Art of Michael Avon Oeming is out! You should always try your local comic shop first and it is available on Comixology or Amazon

The book covers my art and career from my teen years until now. Mostly unpublished art and rarely seen works here, so even a regular follower of my work will find new stuff here. I also talk a bit about my life and how it ties into my comics.

Brian Bendis wrote the intro, David Mack a beautiful afterword, and the interview...

My first 3 Samurai Jack covers!

I've been a fan of Samurai Jack for a long time, since it first premiered back in the days of some really innovative cartoons. Below is a link to an interview about the new series and my first three covers- ENJOY!


Using Photo Reference in comics!

It may surprise you to know I use photo reference on a regular basis. Mostly, I'm looking at poses, balance and body language. But sometimes I'll actually trace (yes TRACE!) a photo for help. Sometimes, like here, I need help because I don't feel like I'm nailing an important shot. Other times it's because I'm running on E... just tired, so tracing a photo becomes my figure  "breakdown" but no matter WHY I'm using a photo or how, I never let the photo dictate my drawing...