Using Photo Reference in comics!

It may surprise you to know I use photo reference on a regular basis. Mostly, I'm looking at poses, balance and body language. But sometimes I'll actually trace (yes TRACE!) a photo for help. Sometimes, like here, I need help because I don't feel like I'm nailing an important shot. Other times it's because I'm running on E... just tired, so tracing a photo becomes my figure  "breakdown" but no matter WHY I'm using a photo or how, I never let the photo dictate my drawing...

My Game of Thrones fanboy art!

Here are some GOT pieces I've done, just for fun over the last two years or so. Really enjoying season 7 premier episode. I'll eventually post the originals for sale here. The HODOR art was inspired by a song by Kimya Dawson- watch it here, try not to cry:)


The Hound and Beric Dondarrion

Sometimes I need a break from a deadline to refresh myself- here is a quick drawing from S7 promos for Game of Thrones!

Self portrait

I don't do this often, but here you go. I have some ideas for color and text but I'll need some time for that.

Drawn with a flat calligraphy pen

Taki and Lauren drawing

My wife Taki and our friend Lauren, who played a big part in us getting together. Done with flat calligraphy pens.